Jennifer McCaskill
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Jennifer was spot-on in every step in this process

I chose Jennifer as my attorney after I was served with divorce papers. Jennifer immediately took away much of the anxiety that comes with this process. Her explanations of the law and predicted outcome were spot-on through the entire ordeal. I have and will continue to recommend Jennifer.


Great Attorney! Get's the job done!

Jennifer was everything I needed. She was a calming presence during a difficult alimony issue. She is prompt, tough and fair. She did exactly what she said she would and achieved the results I expected. I couldn't be more happy. I am very thankful for being referred to her. I highly recommend Jennifer!


Mrs. McCaskill is NJ's best divorce attorney!

Mrs. McCaskill provided the best solution during the divorce and mediation process and provided me with peace of mind while I was moving forward to this new stage of my life. I could not have chosen someone better to help me in my life changing situation. I am extremely grateful to her for her solid advise and for allowing me to see the other side of her determined advocacy role... her kind heart!

I owe her a debt of gratitude for allowing me to enjoy freedom in a timely fashion.

Posted by Edna

Listened to 95% of what Jennifer said, only wish I had listened to 100%

I cannot honestly say enough positive things about Jenn, when you are a mom, going thru a divorce, you are only thinking about your kids. If Jenn had not been there thinking about me and my future and how it related to my taking care of my children, I would be in a horrible place. Not only was Jenn an amazing lawyer and fought for me - for us- like a shark, but she was an incredible person, who always listened, and always got back to me, never left me feeling alone. I am where I am today, because of her. My kids are fine and happy, just like she said they would be. I recommend Jennifer to everyone.


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