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November 2017 Archives

Republican tax plan takes aim at alimony deduction

As lawmakers continue working on a large-scale tax plan, a great deal of focus has been placed on improving the financial landscape for working-class Americans, including those in New Jersey. However, certain provisions within the proposed tax bill could have drastic negative consequences on working families. An example lies in the alimony tax deduction, which is currently slated to end should the bill be signed into law in its current form and has sparked debate across the nation.

Occupation, same-sex couples and divorce

Recent research looked at the occupation and divorce rate of respondents to the 2015 United States Census Bureau's community survey. What emerged was a pattern in which people with certain occupations had unusually high or unusually low rates of divorce. Those findings may be of interest to many New Jersey residents, including those interested in same-sex couples & divorce. While the research was not focused on gay couples, time will reveal if same-sex couples experience the same outcomes. 

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