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Occupation, Same-Sex Couples and Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Occupation, Same-Sex Couples and Divorce

Recent research looked at the occupation and divorce rate of respondents to the 2015 United States Census Bureau’s community survey. What emerged was a pattern in which people with certain occupations had unusually high or unusually low rates of divorce. Those findings may be of interest to many New Jersey residents, including those interested in same-sex couples & divorce. While the research was not focused on gay couples, time will reveal if same-sex couples experience the same outcomes.

Researchers found that certain high-paying occupations experienced unusually low rates of divorce. Examples include engineers, scientists, physicians and software developers. All of these jobs pay well and usually adhere to traditional work scheduling. They also require more education and specialized training.

On the other hand, other occupations seem to experience excessively high rates of divorce. Examples include people working in gaming industries, bartenders, flight attendants and factory workers. These jobs tend to pay on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale, and also often entail challenging work schedules that leave little time to nurture a relationship.

Researchers are unsure exactly what leads to the statistics. It may be that couples with more financial security are better able to weather relationship turmoil than those who are struggling to make ends meet each and every month. Workplace environment could also play a role, including jobs that remove one partner from the home at night or for lengthy periods of time. Over time, research may reveal more about same-sex couples & divorce, including whether similar trends are noted within the gay community in New Jersey and across the nation.

Source:, “The 10 Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rates, and the 10 With the Lowest“, Rose Leadem, Oct. 25, 2017

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