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Potential Stressors for Same-Sex Couples and Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Potential Stressors for Same-Sex Couples and Divorce

When an older couple decides to divorce, there are certain considerations that deserve close attention. That is true for all New Jersey couples, even in regard to same-sex couples and divorce. Understanding what to expect can make it easier to move through the process when the time comes.

One thing that can be a surprise is how quickly friends fall to the wayside once a divorce is underway. This can be especially true for friends who only knew the parties as a couple. They may feel uncertain about how to interact with each spouse as an individual or how to avoid the appearance of taking sides.

Losing access to friends can add a layer of distress to an already upsetting experience. It may help to sit down with close friends and express a desire to remain close during and after the divorce. Making an effort to spend time with friends as the divorce moves forward can also be helpful.

Another approach is to seek social opportunities to meet new friends and establish a new support network. This can also help spouses remain focused on the future instead of the past. New connections can yield advice and new perspectives on life after divorce.

Same-sex couples and divorce is never an easy matter. It is helpful, however, to remain focused on the future and hopeful about new things to come. For older New Jersey couples who are moving beyond a broken marriage, forming new friendship bonds can make the process easier to navigate.

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