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Is Bristol Palin Headed for a High Asset Divorce?

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Is Bristol Palin Headed for a High Asset Divorce?

Bristol Palin, daughter of former governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is headed for divorce from her husband of just two years. Many New Jersey readers remember the acrimonious breakup between Palin and her now-husband that led to the early stages of a paternity and child custody case. Now, the couple could be headed back toward what may be a high asset divorce case.

When the couple parted ways a couple of years ago, Dakota Meyer quickly took steps to establish paternity and parental rights. Since then, they’ve welcomed a new child into their family, who joins their first child along with a son Palin gave birth to as a teenager. Meyer recently filed for divorce, citing “conflict of personalities” as the reason for their separation.

In that filing, Meyer used only the initials of the parties, in an apparent effort to maintain a degree of privacy. As of the time of this report, both parties seem to be trying to keep their personal lives out of the media. It’s possible that, after the attention brought on by their first custody struggle, both parents want to prevent this matter from negatively impacting their child.

As the case moves forward, New Jersey readers may learn more about the couple and the reasons behind their short marriage. Palin seems to be interested in promoting herself as a voice for the conservative Christian community. Keeping her high asset divorce and custody matters out of the public eye could be important to her career plans moving forward.

Source: USA Today, “Bristol Palin’s husband files for divorce, cites ‘conflict of personalities’“, Andrea Mandell, Feb. 13, 2018

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