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Jacksons Settle Their High Asset Divorce Case

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Jacksons Settle Their High Asset Divorce Case

Many New Jersey residents are aware of the contentious divorce between former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The couple made their private matters very public during the past two years as they fought over how their divorce would be handled. The parties recently reached a settlement in their high asset divorce.

Since filing, both parties have tried to make allegations of infidelity a central issue in their divorce. Jesse Jackson Jr. tried to subpoena a former police official who is now attempting a mayoral run. Sandi Jackson tried to subpoena her husband’s former travel companion, as well as owners of a strip club and bathhouse. Neither party was successful in those endeavors, but the moves certainly made headlines.

There’s no work on what motivated the couple to settle after two years of litigation. But what is clear is that their final division of assets must be less than what they might have walked away with if they had reached a settlement before taking the matter to court. They’ve even released a joint statement outlining their commitment to working together for the sake of their children.

For those in New Jersey who are preparing for their own high asset divorce, this case should serve as a cautionary tale. While settling outside of court is not always possible, most couples benefit from working out the details of their divorce without involving a judge. Very often, that leaves both spouses with more wealth once the divorce has been made final.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi Jackson reach settlement in contentious divorce case“, Patrick M. O’Connell, April 13, 2018

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