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June 2018 Archives

This high asset divorce turned particularly nasty

Bringing a marriage to a close can be stressful, and a degree of contention between parties is common. However, most New Jersey couples are able to go through their high asset divorce without taking actions they will later be ashamed of. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, as evidenced by this example of incredibly poor behavior during and after a high asset divorce.

The alimony tax deduction is coming to an end soon

It's never easy for New Jersey spouses to make the decision to end a marriage, but in some cases timing is an important consideration. For example, spouses who expect to pay alimony should think carefully about how a big change in tax laws could alter their tax bills in the years to come. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has eliminated the alimony tax deduction, which will affect the bottom line for many New Jersey spouses. 

Health issues facing same-sex couples and divorce

According to researchers, divorce can have a negative impact on one's physical health. This is an important consideration regarding same-sex couples and divorce, and something that certainly deserves some serious attention. For those in New Jersey who are preparing to end a marriage, understanding why so many divorced people encounter health issues can make it easier to avoid that outcome.

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