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Health Issues Facing Same-Sex Couples and Divorce

According to researchers, divorce can have a negative impact on one’s physical health. This is an important consideration regarding same-sex couples and divorce, and something that certainly deserves some serious attention. For those in New Jersey who are preparing to end a marriage, understanding why so many divorced people encounter health issues can make it easier to avoid that outcome.

Researchers found that individuals who have experienced divorce are more likely to smoke or have a sedentary lifestyle as compared to married people. Divorced study participants also reported a lower level of satisfaction with their lives than married respondents. This recent study joins a growing body of scientific inquiry that suggests that divorce can have a negative impact on one’s health.

It’s important to note that not everyone has the same experience with divorce. In cases where a marriage was unhealthy for many years, divorce can bring a multitude of improvements, which can translate to a healthier lifestyle. Some men and women who go through divorce will also embrace a new diet and fitness routine as they prepare to re-enter the dating world.

These statistics are shared in an effort to educate and inform spouses about the risks of poor health choices after a divorce. Understanding those risks can help spouses plan a number of health improvements and track their overall progress as they move through and beyond divorce. Nothing is more powerful than knowledge, and understanding one’s risk of negative health consequences can provide motivation to make positive changes.

For those in New Jersey who are concerned about this and other issues facing same-sex couples and divorce, sitting down with a qualified divorce attorney is a great place to begin. Knowing what to expect can reduce stress and make it easier to navigate the divorce process. While divorce marks the end of one phase of life, it’s also a doorway to new adventures.

Source:, “Why divorce is bad for your health (like, really bad)“, Maria Lamagna, May 31, 2018

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