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This High Asset Divorce Turned Particularly Nasty

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » This High Asset Divorce Turned Particularly Nasty

Bringing a marriage to a close can be stressful, and a degree of contention between parties is common. However, most New Jersey couples are able to go through their high asset divorce without taking actions they will later be ashamed of. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as evidenced by this example of incredibly poor behavior during and after a high asset divorce.

Bill and Sue Gross were married for 32 years before going their separate ways. With a fortune of $2.5 billion to share, the parties spent years arguing over their settlement. In the end, they were able to reach agreements on how to divide their assets as well as their time with their beloved pets.

Since their divorce, things do not seem to have smoothed over. The parties continue to appear in court to argue that one side is not complying with part of the agreement. Sue Gross claims that her former husband is not providing proper care for their cats. Bill Gross claims that his ex wife pulled a knife on him. There are allegations of trashing shared homes, removing artwork from one property, and hiring professional surveillance companies to track one another.

It’s hard to imagine why two people in their 60s and 70s with so much wealth at their disposal would continue to argue and fight after a high asset divorce. For some New Jersey residents, however, ongoing contention after a split is a reality. Sometimes, the best way to address poor behavior and a refusal to adhere to the terms of a settlement is to work with an attorney to compel compliance.

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