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Celebrity Lessons for Spouses Facing Same-Sex Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Celebrity Lessons for Spouses Facing Same-Sex Divorce

In most cases, the lives of celebrities have little to offer the average New Jersey man or woman in the way of relevant advice. An exception might be found in a recent interview with Lopez, and her take on divorce and the road that follows. For spouses facing the prospect of a same-sex divorce in 2019, her experience might offer valuable insights.

To begin, Lopez admits that there were plenty of dark days after her split with husband Marc Anthony. The pair share a set of twins, and her relationship with her kids is part of what sparked Lopez to seek that same level of joy in the rest of her personal life. Laughing and smiling with her kids made her realize that she had let her own happiness fall by the wayside over the years, and reminded her that she deserves to feel joy, and also has the responsibility to make things happen to achieve that level of happiness.

Best of all, Lopez shares many of the same doubts and negative thoughts that plague many men and women as they move through and beyond a divorce. Wondering if there is still time to find love, turning one’s attention inward and placing personal happiness as a priority are common to everyone, regardless of their level of wealth and fame. Learning how to work through those issues and keep the right perspective can make the divorce process far easier to navigate.

For same-sex couples thinking about a 2019 divorce, reading how Lopez found career and personal success after her own split can be inspiring. Her new movie shares that same focus, and many people are connecting with her on-screen character who is starting over in middle age. The next step is to find a family law attorney skilled in the specifics of same-sex divorce. For many in New Jersey, divorce is the doorway to new horizons and a healthier emotional life.

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