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Alimony just one consideration in late-life divorce

For New Jersey seniors who are considering divorce, understanding the financial issues involved in the process is important. Dividing marital wealth is complicated, and when both spouses are at or beyond retirement age, those calculations become even more pressing. Alimony is one thing to consider, but there are many other issues that deserve attention in the early stages of a late-life divorce. 

Practical tips for those facing a high asset divorce

Divorce is complicated, but it can be especially so for those who are facing the prospect of a divorce that will involve significant assets and money. A high asset divorce can be lengthy and confusing, and it may be helpful for New Jersey readers to take the time to prepare for this process before moving forward. Even in the most financially complex situations, it is possible to reduce complications and setbacks.

What if collaborative divorce not working for you?

You chose collaborative divorce because you liked the idea of a calm, rational way to get through a very difficult time in your life. You had hope this was a straightforward process that determined a path to an amicable settlement. But as the process played out, are you finding it increasingly frustrating to get the results you want? If so, maybe a collaborative divorce is not for you.

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