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Teens Need to Stay Connected to Both Parents After Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Teens Need to Stay Connected to Both Parents After Divorce

New Jersey teens sometimes struggle to come to terms with divorce and the changes the process brings to the household. According to researchers, one of the best things parents can do to help their older kids adjust to divorce is to ensure they remain connected to both parents by using Facetime, phone calls or texting. For same-sex couples going through a divorce, ensuring that their kids are moving through the process in a healthy manner is a top priority.

Even when parents aren’t yet able to communicate without anger or resentment, kids can maintain a loving bond with each parent. Researchers found that the form those communications take matters less than the frequency. Kids who stayed in touch with both parents displayed more resiliency than those who had less frequent contact.

Parents should also take care to display warmth and support toward kids during this challenging time. Consistent discipline is also important and gives kids the peace of mind of knowing what to expect and where parental boundaries lay. Those parents who are able to work collaboratively to achieve these goals for their kids are fortunate, although the benefits are similar even when parents don’t have frequent or friendly contact.

New Jersey same-sex couples considering divorce should take some time to discuss how to ensure that shared children maintain a close bond with both parents. Tools like texting and FaceTime can make it easier and give teens more control over their communication patterns. Having a plan in place early in the divorce process lets everyone know what to expect moving forward.

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