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Marriage Equality Equals Divorce Equality for Same-Sex Couples

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Marriage Equality Equals Divorce Equality for Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex divorce is no different than opposite-sex divorce. It faces the same issues and challenges. People have the same rights. They have to make many of the same decisions. It is the same legal process.

Now, perhaps you think that this seems clear from the onset. “Of course,” you may think, “It’s the same. It’s a divorce.”

If you feel that way, that’s good. That’s the way that everyone really should look at it. The trouble is that not everyone does. People often think of same-sex divorces as inherently different and perhaps do not take the emotional and legal process as seriously.

For instance, one man said that he got divorced from his husband after five years and he actually felt a bit offended by the way people he knew talked about it. They rarely treated it like a legal divorce as they would with an opposite-sex couple. They often said things like “breaking up” or “splitting up” instead of getting divorced. He felt that was offensive because it trivialized the marriage and made it feel more like some high school dating relationship than a legal, valid marriage.

It is very important not to make this mistake. Do not assume that same-sex divorce is somehow less of an event or that it does not carry the same weight. It does. The decisions you make shape the rest of your life in exactly the same way. These decisions involve legal rights, property rights, parental rights and much more. Those are incredibly important on a vast number of levels, and you absolutely need to fully understand all of the legal steps you need to take.

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