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Divorce Mediation Could Be Beneficial to Your Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Divorce Mediation Could Be Beneficial to Your Divorce

You and your spouse have been together for many years, but it wasn’t until the laws changed that you were able to get married. As a same-sex couple, you loved the idea of getting married, especially because you’d been together for so long.

Today, you don’t feel the same way about your spouse as you used to, so you want to get a divorce. The only issue you have is that the recognized marital assets don’t include many assets you collected over years of being together when you were unable to be legally married. What can you do to make sure they’re recognized?

One option is to go through divorce mediation instead of going to trial. In mediation, you and your spouse can sit down, come up with your own separation agreement and decide on how to divide your property. You both know how long you’ve been together, so you should be able to openly discuss what kinds of assets you have today and how you’d like to divide them.

Mediation is a good choice because you’ll both get more of an opinion and say in the final outcome. With mediation, the mediator help you understand laws and to think about things from someone else’s perspective, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide on the agreement that would be best for you and your spouse.

If you and your spouse still get along, or if you agree on most things but need help with one or two disagreements, mediation can be a huge benefit to you both. Our website has more on divorce mediation and how it can help.

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