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Do Financial Research Before You File for Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Do Financial Research Before You File for Divorce

If you grow frustrated or angry with your spouse, and you’ve already been thinking about getting a divorce, you may be tempted to just tell them that you want to split up in the heat of the moment. Or, at the very least, you may rush the next day to get started on filing for divorce so that you can end your marriage as soon as possible.

Before you do so, it may be wise to take a step back and do your financial research. You want to gather as much information as you can before filing.

For instance, go around and take photos of your assets. Some people advise just doing a video walkthrough of your home. You can also take individual shots of high-value items, like art collections, jewelry, gun collections, antiques and the like. This way, if your spouse tries to hide anything, you have proof that you owned it.

You can also gather all sorts of documents, like tax returns and pay stubs. Some experts warn that people may be more generous when reporting what they make if they’re applying for a credit card and more realistic on their tax returns. The more info you have, the better.

Doing this research in advance means that your spouse can’t try to deny you access to any documents that you need. It also means that, if they make any big financial changes after you file, such as giving away money to hide it from you, you’ll have proof of what they did. If your divorce case becomes complicated, make sure you are well aware of your legal options. A consultation with an experienced attorney may be your wisest move.

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