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How Do You Know if Divorce Mediation Is Right for You?

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » How Do You Know if Divorce Mediation Is Right for You?

There are many times when people go through a divorce and generally know what they want. They may know how they want to split up their assets. They might have agreed on where the family pet would go. However, if there is one issue, like child custody, that can’t be agreed upon, then it may be time to consider mediation.

There are several benefits to mediation that will help you get through the disagreement and move forward, so long as you both commit to resolving the issue through this method. To start with, your mediator will go over the rules with you. They will keep the discussion on topic and help you look at different approaches to resolving the issues you have. They have legal experience, which means that you can ask real questions about the law and how it may impact your decision.

One of the major benefits of divorce mediation is that you will have a specific time to sit down and talk about the disagreement. You’ll be in a new environment and may have your attorneys present as well. This is a less formal type of alternative dispute resolution, which may help you feel more relaxed. The goal is to work together toward a solution, but you and your spouse have to be the ones who come up with an agreement.

At the end of the mediation session or sessions, you can have an outcome that you’re both satisfied with. Our site has more on why mediation is a good option for many couples and how it may help you move forward with your divorce.

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