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Divorce Mediation Isn’t Easy With a Narcissistic Ex

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Divorce Mediation Isn’t Easy With a Narcissistic Ex

People who are going through a divorce know that they’re probably going to have to deal with some issues with their ex. A person who is divorcing a narcissist, however, may have even more challenges to deal with than others.

The nature of a narcissist is to push until they get their way. The tantrums they throw can range from minorly inconvenient to downright vile. Even worse, they take any sign of rejection as a huge personal attack. If you’re in this position, it’s true that mediation will be difficult, but it might not be impossible.

How Can You Improve Your Chance of Successful Mediation With a Narcissist?

One of the most important things to remember when you’re dealing with a narcissistic individual is that they are going to try to twist the truth and lie to get their way. You can combat this by bringing proof of anything that you’re going to claim during the session.

You may also benefit from learning how to control your reactions to narcissistic threats, tantrums, and other misbehavior that your ex may exhibit during mediation. A huge source of power, for a narcissist, comes from getting a rise out of their victim. If you can avoid that, your mediation may go more smoothly.

It’s important to remember that you do have other options if mediation fails. Alert your lawyer to the fact that your ex is narcissistic so they can properly prepare. There’s always a chance that you’ll end up having to go through a trial, but it’s usually better if you can work something out with your ex. Mediation is usually a less expensive and faster option than having to go through a trial.

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