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Mediation Is Beneficial in Some High-Asset Divorce Cases

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Mediation Is Beneficial in Some High-Asset Divorce Cases

Mediation is a good way to keep your divorce out of the courtroom and to minimize how much of it is made public. For that reason, it’s one of the better ways to handle a high-asset divorce.

For some couples with a large amount of assets to be divided, the last thing they want is for the public to know about them. A mediated divorce can help protect the privacy of your divorce.

Mediation Has Been Shown to Result in Settlements That Are More Satisfactory

It’s also good to note that mediation has been shown to result in settlements that are more satisfactory for both parties. In a study by researchers at two universities in Belgium, couples who had litigated divorces described their agreements as less satisfactory than those who went through mediation.

Mediation Is About Opening Up Communication

Another thing to keep in mind is that mediation is about more than settling your divorce. It’s also designed to help divorcing couples have more open communication. If you and your spouse have children, work together and/or have to continue to communicate for other reasons in the future, then learning to resolve your differences and come to an agreement during mediation can be helpful in getting you past the worst of your divorce and in be better able to speak with each other.

Mediation may be right for you, so it’s worth taking time to look into it as a legal option for your high-asset divorce. A Monmouth County family law attorney with experience in mediation can help you determine whether it’s the best choice for your divorce.

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