Ep #02: All About Restraining Orders with Kristin Pallonetti

Many people throw around the threat of restraining orders without actually understanding the process or pitfalls of actually getting one. So today, I have divorce lawyer Kristin Pallonetti here to talk about just that, covering everything from what it means to get a temporary restraining order to how to go through the process to finalize one.

Listen in as Kristin explains how you can ensure you qualify for a restraining order in New Jersey, as well as the process for getting it put into motion. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, as well as little-known issues with successfully using restraining orders, so we will be clearing that up for you today.

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What You’ll Learn Today:

  • What it means to get a temporary restraining order.
  • Who can get restraining orders.
  • Reasons to get (or not get) a restraining order.
  • How long restraining orders last.
  • How to get a final restraining order.
  • Why the outcome of restraining orders can depend on the judge you have.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

In order to get a restraining order, you have to first make sure you QUALIFY for a restraining order. – Kristin Pallonetti Click To Tweet A restraining order is meant to be used as a shield, not a sword. – @The_Mccaskill Click To Tweet If you go to get a restraining order, you need to include everything that has happened in the past and be as specific as possible. – @The_Mccaskill Click To Tweet

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