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Guide to Handling Halloween for Child Custody and Visitation

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Guide to Handling Halloween for Child Custody and Visitation

The holiday of Halloween can be a very important time for kids to get together with their friends and families. It’s also an opportunity that parents should not miss, as they have plenty more opportunities throughout the year where everyone will spend quality bonding moments.

We all have our own unique way of celebrating Halloween, which means there isn’t one “perfect” parenting schedule that works for everyone.

Halloween for Child Custody

Parent Taking Children Trick Or Treating At Halloween

Dive Or Share?

The best way for divorced or separated parents to enjoy Halloween with their children is by alternating between spending time on the holiday or dividing it up. This will allow them both ample opportunities to take part in activities like dressing up as characters from films, books, etc., while also ensuring both parties have sufficient free time with the kids.

It is important to keep the kids’ best interest in mind if spending time with both parents on a memorable holiday.

Scheduling Options

One way to make Halloween a fun, memorable occasion for your child is by including it in their custody plan. Some parents may focus more on major holidays like Christmas or Easter but including other special days throughout the year can help you both enjoy this popular holiday together without being too overwhelmed with planning obligations all at once!

Related Holidays

There are other ways a parent can share the Holiday and still enjoy Halloween. November 1st is not just a day to celebrate Halloween but also marks the beginning of Día de Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead). This Mexican tradition can still mean fun and costumes.

Split The Time

Split up the holiday so your child can spend time with both parents. For example, you could start by whichever parent already has custody of them on Halloween- after all it is only for one night! The other person would pick up their pumpkin watching duties at 4 pm that day and keep him/her overnight while picking up another trick-or-treating party along the way, too; this way they get more than just straight Halloween treats but also plenty else going into winter break as well.

Short Trick Or Treating Visit

You could allow whichever parent doesn’t have custody on the 31st to pick up their child for a couple of hours in the evening — just enough time so they can take pictures and trick or treat at homes.

Divide By Year

There are so many holidays in a year! If you take the time to think about both parties schedules, it’s easy enough to make everyone happy with their observation cycles. For example if one parent gets Halloween while another has New Year’s Eve – there isn’t any right answer here other than what feels fair for each individual situation which means different things depending on who celebrates what.

Alternate Holidays By Year

What are the best ways to ensure your child enjoys every Holiday with their loved ones, regardless of who? Try alternating holidays every year! Your little one might spend Halloween with you in even-numbered years and then enjoy it as a separate celebration at home on odd numbered dates.

Celebrate As Pair

When parents get along well, they might take their child to the pumpkin patch or trick-or-treating together.

If the divorce happened amicably, this should be an easy task that could be applied to any Holiday. In case of a tumultuous breakup, you want to contact a divorce attorney in New Jersey and ask for legal advice or mediation.

Parenting Disputes During Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time to spend with your kids, but it’s not always easy if you’re going through a parenting dispute. The best way for parents in this situation is usually to talk things over and come up with an agreement where everyone wins.

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