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Jacksons settle their high asset divorce case

Many New Jersey residents are aware of the contentious divorce between former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The couple made their private matters very public during the past two years as they fought over how their divorce would be handled. The parties recently reached a settlement in their high asset divorce

Art collections can complicate high asset divorce

For some New Jersey couples, an expensive art collection serves as a ticket into the upper levels of high society. Art has long been traded among the wealthy, dating back to the 17th century. Today, however, art has become an asset class in and of itself. Investing money into art serves is one way to conceal wealth from tax authorities and other potential losses. For some spouses, an art collection can be an excellent vehicle for shielding wealth from division during a high asset divorce.

Is Bristol Palin headed for a high asset divorce?

Bristol Palin, daughter of former governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is headed for divorce from her husband of just two years. Many New Jersey readers remember the acrimonious breakup between Palin and her now-husband that led to the early stages of a paternity and child custody case. Now, the couple could be headed back toward what may be a high asset divorce case. 

How a financial advisor can protect against high asset divorce

Working with a financial advisor is a great way to preserve and increase personal wealth. When it comes to getting married, a New Jersey financial advisor can also help protect against losses in the event of a high asset divorce. Each set of circumstances is unique, but a prenuptial agreement is among the most powerful ways to protect wealth.

Prenups are a common protection against high asset divorce

For wealthy New Jersey couples, a prenuptial agreement is an absolute requirement for marriage. A prenup can be negotiated to include any number of terms, some of which are common and others that are uniquely geared toward the needs of that particular couple. A prime example lies in clauses intended to address length of marriage in the event of a high asset divorce.

Harvey Weinstein facing high asset divorce

Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has lost his position at the production company that bears his name, the respect of many of his friends and colleagues, and he is being investigated for sexual assault. He is also likely to lose his wife of 10 years, Georgina Chapman. According to reports printed in New Jersey and elsewhere, Chapman is assembling a team of attorneys to process her high asset divorce

Tips for saving money in a high asset divorce

No one likes to lose money, no matter what one's level of wealth or standard of living. For New Jersey couples going through a high asset divorce, there are several ways to avoid steep financial losses. Understanding the more common financial pitfalls is critical to reaching a favorable outcome.

Prenuptial agreements can prevent loss during high asset divorce

Many New Jersey residents are aware of the recent passing of media mogul Hugh Hefner. The 91-year-old lived a life that was largely filled with controversy. He was the founder of Playboy magazine, and famously hosted celebrity-filled parties at his mansion. After his death, it has been reported that his wife, who is 60 years younger than he, will get nothing from his estate. She is rumored to have signed an ironclad prenuptial agreement to protect against losses in the event of a high asset divorce, and is not believed to be included in his will.

Disputes over back-to-school costs

With the new school year in full swing, divorced and separated parents may have already survived the annual financial crush of back-to-school shopping. But it is not surprising when parents in these situations to feel overwhelmed with the costs of extracurricular activities and after school care. After all, some parents are trying to make ends meet with fewer resources, either because support motions are still pending or other financial issues reduce the amount of money available to spend.

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