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Legal parentage remains a concern in same-sex couple divorces

Becoming a parent is a dream for many New Jersey residents. Same-sex couples deserve to make this dream a reality just as traditional couples do. However, when it comes to same-sex divorces, the question of legal parentage remains substantially different from those traditional marriages.

Which parent can claim kids on taxes after divorce?

The first couple of years after a divorce can be challenging for New Jersey residents, especially those who share children with a former spouse. For same-sex couples with kids, determining which parent has the right to claim the children as dependents on their taxes isn't always easy. That's especially true for parents who share custody after a divorce. 

Teens need to stay connected to both parents after divorce

New Jersey teens sometimes struggle to come to terms with divorce and the changes the process brings to the household. According to researchers, one of the best things parents can do to help their older kids adjust to divorce is to ensure they remain connected to both parents by using Facetime, phone calls or texting. For same-sex couples going through a divorce, ensuring that their kids are moving through the process in a healthy manner is a top priority. 

Celebrity lessons for spouses facing same-sex divorce

In most cases, the lives of celebrities have little to offer the average New Jersey man or woman in the way of relevant advice. An exception might be found in a recent interview with Jennifer Lopez, and her take on divorce and the road that follows. For spouses facing the prospect of a same-sex divorce in 2019, her experience might offer valuable insights. 

Holiday tips for same-sex couples going through divorce

The first few holidays after a divorce are never easy, but there are steps that can make this time of year far more manageable and enjoyable. That's especially true for same-sex couples in New Jersey who share children. The holidays should always be focused on the children in any family, even when the parents are coming to terms with a new relationship as co-parents. 

Nesting is an option for same sex parents dealing with divorce

For same sex couples in New Jersey who share children, working out the details of a divorce can be challenging. One option is called nesting, and involves leaving the children in the family home with the parents rotating in and out on a schedule. That isn't a good fit for every divorcing couple, but it can be an option for some. 

Student loans can increase the cost of same-sex divorce

Lots of New Jersey residents have student loan debt, and many struggle to get those loans paid off. For some same-sex couples, student loan debt can even factor into divorce timing and expense. Understanding how to avoid that outcome is an important part of moving beyond a same-sex divorce and toward a happier, more financially stable future. 

Frozen embryos, same-sex couples and divorce

For same-sex couples in New Jersey, numerous legal issues can prove complicated. One example is instances in which couples create frozen embryos and then part ways before they bring a child into the world. What is done with that genetic material can be a serious legal issue, one that can drag on for years as parties argue over the fate of those embryos. This can become a serious legal matter in regard to same-sex couples and divorce.

Health issues facing same-sex couples and divorce

According to researchers, divorce can have a negative impact on one's physical health. This is an important consideration regarding same-sex couples and divorce, and something that certainly deserves some serious attention. For those in New Jersey who are preparing to end a marriage, understanding why so many divorced people encounter health issues can make it easier to avoid that outcome.

Officiants matter for same-sex couples and divorce

Many New Jersey couples dream of a wedding in a special locale, whether within the state or elsewhere in the nation. That may create an ideal setting, but some couples will run into trouble in the event of a divorce. It turns out the individual who officiates the ceremony is critical to same-sex couples and divorce.

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