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Father’s Rights in NJ

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Protecting the Rights of Dads in New Jersey

Countless studies have revealed fathers who are involved in their children’s lives aid in the development of social skills, language and cognitive ability. Studies also show, children with involved fathers do better academically and have healthy self-esteem. Your children need and deserve to have their dad involved in their lives.

Divorced or Never Married Fathers in New Jersey Have Parental Rights

In New Jersey, the law does not favor one gender over the other in regard to parental rights. According to the law, mothers and fathers are supposed to have the same rights — and obligations — in regard to their children. Even though the law is clear, there are occasions when fathers have reasons to believe their parenting time has not been protected, and they have been treated unfairly by the courts or the mother of their child.

Arguing About Custody Rights for Fathers Won’t Help — We Will

The fathers’ rights lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, in Red Bank, represent men in cases involving custody rights and parenting plans. We represent clients in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and adjoining counties in northeast New Jersey.

We have more than 10 years of experience advising and representing men who need help protecting their rights. We work diligently to resolve issues without having to go to court, however we do provide trained mediation services when needed.

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