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How To Deal With Child Expenses After Divorce

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Divorce FAQs » How To Deal With Child Expenses After Divorce

Compassionate Guidance Through Child Expenses

At The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, in Red Bank, our lawyers answer questions every day about custody and parenting time. In many cases, we have to turn the question around: Along with custody and parenting time issues come additional obligations – usually in the form of money.

We represent clients in divorce and paternity litigation matters in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and adjoining counties in northeast New Jersey. Call us at 732-747-1882.

Set Your Bitterness Aside and Focus on Your Child’s Best Interests

People going through the process of a divorce tend to have a lot of bitterness and animosity toward each other, often rightfully so. Although these feelings are natural, the process can always be completed faster and much easier when people can agree to act like two reasonable adults, particularly when there are children involved. Once a parenting time schedule is agreed upon, your attorney can run the Child Support Guidelines, which will reflect the amount of child support to be paid by one parent to the other. People tend to waste far too much time arguing over child support expenses, but in New Jersey, the law is pretty clear about what parental responsibilities are. Like it or not.

Education and Work-related Child Care Expenses

Noncustodial parents should not make the assumption that their child support payments alone represent all of the financial responsibility they have to their children. Noncustodial parents are responsible for contributing to whatever work-related child care expenses the custodial parent might incur, as well as any “extraordinary” expenses.

Here are some examples of school- and work-related child care expenses:

  • Summer day camp costs to enable the parents to work full-time
  • Before school and after school childcare programs
  • Day care costs while the custodial parent is at work

In addition, there may be some expenses related to special sports and social programs, which the parents may agree to outside of the legal obligations for mandated child support.

Health Care Expenses

Both parents are also responsible for expenses relating to the health care of their children. Normally, one parent carries the health insurance for the children and the cost of that coverage is included in the child support guidelines.

The Cost of Raising Children Falls on Both Parents

Both parents have a legal obligation to contribute to the support of their children. When parties go from one house to two, the dollars do not easily stretch and it can be very stressful. As attorneys with more than 10 years of experience exclusively practicing in the area of New Jersey divorce and family law, we care about protecting our clients’ rights. And that sometimes means making sure they understand their financial obligations, as well.

We use our experience to get you through the process of your divorce. We work hard to settle your case, but we can also be tough litigators when we have to be. We understand that going through a divorce or paternity litigation matter is a difficult process, and we are here to provide compassionate advice and guidance.

Talk to Us to Learn More About Child Care Expenses and Divorce

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