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What Are The Rights of Unmarried Couples?

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer » Divorce FAQs » What Are The Rights of Unmarried Couples?

We Understand the Unique Challenges of an Unmarried Break-up

Family is defined by commitment, support and the foundation of love it was built on. Even if you and your partner are unmarried, you still shared a life together and moving forward may be complicated. Aside from dividing assets and property, you may still need to emotionally come to terms with the next stage of life without your partner.

Ms. McCaskill is a child of divorce and understands the complexities present when a family needs to be redefined. She will offer compassionate guidance to get you through one of the most difficult trials in life.

Maintaining a Relationship With Your Children

If you and your partner had children together without being married, you’ll likely still want to determine child custody and parenting time. However, if paternity wasn’t established at your child’s birth, it may need to be established now. This can be done through DNA testing, which may be requested by the court or either partner.

Once paternity is established, similar standards are considered to determine child custody as those used for couples who were legally married.

Dividing Your Property

Determining how to divide property for couples who were never legally married can be a little complicated. Unlike couples who are legally divorcing, alimony isn’t usually an option for unmarried couples. Similarly, anything purchased separately will belong to whoever purchased it. Generally, the most difficult items to divide are property the couple purchased together. This may include a house, car, boat or other assets of considerable value.

Get Guidance on Your Terms

Even though you weren’t legally married, you still invested time, money and other resources into building a life with another person. That’s hard to quantify, no matter what your situation looks like. If you and your partner are thinking about separating or are in the process of dividing your assets, call us today.

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