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Parenting Time
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Parenting Plans And Visitation Rights

There is not a person in this world who will tell you going through a divorce is like an easy stroll in the park. The majority of them are nasty, and can change people in ways you never thought were possible. Oftentimes, when couples have children and they decide to divorce, things can really get frustrating once the ink has dried on all of the paperwork. Children often become pawns and weapons used by one parent against the other and it really hurts the children.

We are the attorneys of The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, in Red Bank. For the past 10 years, we have focused our practice on guiding people through divorce and other serious family law problems with the least stress and emotional cost possible. We have more than a decade of representing clients in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and adjoining counties in northeast New Jersey.

Never Forget — As A Parent, You Have Parenting Time Rights And Obligations

Don’t let fear of losing access to your children paralyze you. Except under the most extreme circumstances, New Jersey law gives both parents parenting rights. Our lawyers are compassionate, and work diligently to resolve our client’s issues. We understand how trying issues pertaining to child parenting time can be. We establish a working relationship with every client who chooses to use our services, and we do everything in our power to avoid the frustration of digging up existing issues.

When it comes to parenting time plans, don’t assume the other parent will be fair. It is important to obtain strong advocates who are willing to stand up for you and your relationship with your children. The bond between you and your children should never be broken, and it certainly should not be used as a weapon by one parent against the other. How you choose to handle your situation will have a lifelong impact on the children you love, so taking the passive aggressive approach in this regard should never be an option.

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