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Modifications And Terminations
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When Financial Situations Change

Life moves on after your divorce. Your financial situation is likely to change at some point or another. Whether you’re making more money or less than you were in the past, it’s important to keep your former spouse updated on your situation. Missing child support or alimony payments could have serious legal consequences.

At The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, we put your needs first. If you’re seeking a modification or termination of payments, or your former spouse is the one seeking a modification, we can help you make sure that your children still have the financial support they need.

Proving Your Case In Court

Circumstances in life change and what you initially agreed to when you divorced may not be the best solution now. Missing alimony or child support payments could lead to civil or criminal charges, so apply for a modification of your payment schedule as soon as possible after your situation changes.

You can apply for a modification or termination by filing a motion and working with an attorney to represent your case. You will also need to demonstrate your change in circumstances by providing:

  • Current and prior case information
  • Financial documentation that proves the change in your financial situation
  • Supporting affidavits
  • Legal briefs
  • Other paperwork specified by your attorney

Also, if your ex-spouse’s finances have increased, you may apply to have your alimony or child support payments increased. Similar to decreasing payments, you will need to prove to the court that the new financial situation is permanent and substantial.

An Attorney Who Understands Your Situation

If you need legal guidance and representation throughout alimony and support modification discussions, call our firm at 732-852-7418 today. You can also send us a message with any questions or concerns.

Ms. McCaskill has over 15 years of experience practicing law and is a child of divorce, so she’s incredibly passionate about supporting her clients throughout the legal process. When you need an advocate you can trust, she will be there for you.