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Prenuptial agreement can be essential in high asset divorce

Love is in the air, and wedding bells are ringing. As the New Jersey couple prepares to walk down the aisle, their thoughts are on love and building a life together. Thoughts of a high asset divorce and the need for a prenuptial agreement are often not in the forefront. Yet, this is the time when the couple needs to openly discuss their current financial picture and address the possibility of things not working out in the future.

High asset divorce needs special tax considerations

Taxes can be a stressful subject for anyone. Adding a divorce into the equation can make taxes particularly trying, especially for those with a higher income level. Fortunately, experts have several suggestions for anyone here in New Jersey who may go through a high asset divorce and how they can minimize the impact on their taxes.

Think long-term during high asset divorce

Even spouses who have considerable wealth may have to face the fact that they will be making adjustments after they divorce. When the income is divided and the households doubled, it may mean rearranging the budget to maintain a certain standard of living. However, even when couples expect these changes, there may be other elements of a high asset divorce they are not prepared for.

Hidden assets and their implications on a high asset divorce

When a New Jersey couple decides to move forward with the process of ending a marriage, it requires the division of all marital assets. The financial implications of a a divorce are significant for both parties, especially a high asset divorce. If one spouse decides to hide assets during this process, it can lead to a final property division order that is unfair and unbalanced. 

High asset divorce for couples over the age of 50

The end of a marriage is complex, and some of the most difficult issues to address are those pertaining to the division of marital property. This can be especially difficult for those who have been married for decades and have extensive assets and retirement accounts to consider. When a New Jersey couple over the age of 50 decides to end their marriage, it is often a high asset divorce.

Practical tips for those facing a high asset divorce

Divorce is complicated, but it can be especially so for those who are facing the prospect of a divorce that will involve significant assets and money. A high asset divorce can be lengthy and confusing, and it may be helpful for New Jersey readers to take the time to prepare for this process before moving forward. Even in the most financially complex situations, it is possible to reduce complications and setbacks.

High asset divorce cases often come with complications

Ending a marriage is no easy feat. Even if it is the best decision for the circumstances, it can still be a stressful experience. When New Jersey residents are going through high asset divorce cases, their predicaments often become much more complex. Fortunately, these complexities do not mean that an agreeable outcome cannot be reached.

Adhere to prenup to simplify a high asset divorce

Many New Jersey residents consider prenuptial agreements to be static, one-time documents that are drafted, signed and subsequently stored away, hopefully never to be needed. In reality, the decisions a spouse makes throughout his or her marriage can have a huge impact on whether a prenup can be called into action in the event of a high asset divorce. If the wrong choices are made, the document may be at risk of being thrown out of court. 

High asset divorce can bring multiple surprises

For those in New Jersey who are preparing to divorce, it's important to know that the process may bring some unexpected twists and turns. Financial surprises are not uncommon in a high asset divorce, and can bring a great deal of turmoil to an already challenging process. The best way to avoid these disruption is to delve into the marital finances as early in the process as possible, preferably before filing. 

This high asset divorce turned particularly nasty

Bringing a marriage to a close can be stressful, and a degree of contention between parties is common. However, most New Jersey couples are able to go through their high asset divorce without taking actions they will later be ashamed of. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, as evidenced by this example of incredibly poor behavior during and after a high asset divorce.

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