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Tinton Falls New Jersey Divorce Lawyers

Tinton Falls Divorce Lawyer

Even when a marriage comes to an end without conflict, divorce is often a distressing, costly, and emotional process. It’s also more difficult in instances where children or valuable belongings are involved. divorce will have a significant impact on both couples’ lives, no matter what the cause of the divorce. It may be tough to accept these changes and carry on with one’s life.

At the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, our Tinton Falls divorce attorneys understand the emotional challenges of divorce. We will provide you with outstanding legal assistance at a reasonable cost, in addition to compassion and care.

Divorce is rarely simple, but it does not have to be a living nightmare. With the help of skilled legal counsel, you can ensure that your rights, greatest interests, and assets are protected. Allow the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill’s experienced divorce and family lawyers to help you through this complicated process in the most cost-effective way. Contact us at 732-747-1882 for a confidential consultation about your case.

Tinton Falls, NJ Divorce & Family Law Services

We represent clients in both traditional divorce and civil unions and domestic partnerships. At our Tinton Falls law office, We assist customers in all phases of the divorce procedure.

Most of our divorce cases include one or more of the following matters:

Divorce Mediation

When both spouses are in agreement about important issues like property and child custody distribution, divorce mediation is frequently the best solution. This pre-trial settlement is typically more cost-effective, faster, and less unpleasant than going to court.
Mediation is typically faster, less expensive, and less distressing than other divorce methods. This can be an option for some situations.

Divorce Litigation

When couples, including unmarried and same-sex couples, decide to call it quits, financial and child custody or support issues might lead to the need for litigation. Litigation may be the only way forward when divorce can’t be resolved through mediation or other pre-trial options. A Tinton Falls divorce lawyer can assist you in determining how to proceed.


Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a form of financial assistance that the higher-earning spouse may provide. Alimony might be provided when the divorce would have a significant and negative impact on the lesser-earning spouse’s lifestyle. The court will determine the amount and duration of alimony based on several factors, including the length of the marriage and the payor’s earnings.

Child custody

In general, it is in the best interests of children to spend time with both parents. As a result, it is unusual for one parent to be denied custody or visitation rights over their kid following divorce. From shared 50/50 arrangements to every other weekend, to one parent having full custody and anything in between, child custody agreements may cover a wide range of possibilities. The term custody refers to physical (where the child lives) and legal (who makes decisions about important issues, such as education and medical care) custody.

Child support

In New Jersey, children have the right to be supported by both parents under the law. When a couple divorces or separates, it’s common for one parent to pay child support to the other. The payer is usually the higher-income earner and/or the parent with less custody. A Tinton Falls family lawyer can help you ensure that your family’s child support arrangement is fair.

Spousal support

Spousal support may or may not be required in every divorce. In many states, the amount of spousal support will be determined by a variety of criteria, such as the needs of the recipient, the payor’s income and financial status, and the length and duration of the marriage.

Division of assets

The state of New Jersey is a fair split when it comes to marital property. This does not always imply a 50/50 split. Non-monetary things, such as a parent who stays at home to care for children, are also considered.

Child relocation

Both parents in New Jersey must agree to the custodial parent’s out-of-state relocation, as stated by state legislation.

Post-judgment matters

You may have to adjust court orders like child custody and/or support if you or your former spouse has had a significant life event, such as job loss or remarriage, since the divorce.
When difficulties in your family reach the point where legal assistance is required, things may seem to be completely turned upside down. Nothing will occur until you make a change, so while it may be tempting to give up at this point, don’t. Now is the moment to contact a Tinton Falls family lawyer and begin taking action toward reclaiming your life.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney in Tinton Falls, NJ?

We understand how difficult and distressing it is to resolve any issue with a family member, especially one involving divorce. Family legal difficulties are as perplexing and convoluted as families themselves can be.

Many people believe that it’s never a good idea to make critical judgments when you’re experiencing an intense emotional state. This is one of several reasons why it’s so crucial to hire the help of a professional family lawyer throughout the process. A Tinton Falls divorce lawyer will be able to assist you through these hard choices in a way that promotes your rights.

When Matrimonial Difficulties Arise

Many people believe that family law problems, particularly divorce, can be resolved without the assistance of a lawyer. For a cheap price, do-it-yourself divorces may be purchased online, claiming to provide a quick and stress-free divorce at half the cost of hiring a lawyer. However, what low-cost divorce businesses do not tell you is how stressful and costly things become when difficulties arise out of thin air. Even the most amicable, straightforward divorces, on occasion, create unexpected problems.

Helping With Important Family Matters

Regardless of the sort of family law issue, you’re dealing with, you’ll have to make critical choices. When determining these issues, there are many difficulties to consider that might affect the distribution of marital property and physical and legal child custody. A divorce lawyer in Tinton Falls can assist you in determining how to proceed.

Contact a Tinton Falls Divorce Lawyer Now

If you’re looking for family law assistance, the knowledgeable staff at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill can assist. For more than 18 years, our family and divorce attorneys have served residents of New Jersey. We have established solid connections with local law enforcement, medical experts, therapists, financial advisors, and accountants in Tinton Falls and the surrounding areas, as well as our own personnel.

We are aware of the emotional consequences of family law situations. Before we go any further, we’ll make sure you understand your rights and alternatives. Contact The Law Office of Jennifer J McCaskill today for a confidential consultation about your case.

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