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“We take great pride and are honored when people place their most challenging legal problems in our hands. They are trusting us with nothing less than their family’s future.” — Principal and founder attorney Jennifer J. McCaskill.

Many clients worry that they’ll get taken advantage of during a divorce. Not on our watch. Our goal is to protect you and your children’s best interest so you don’t get screwed.

We’ll use our decades of experience and proven strategies to get you the outcome you deserve. We’ll also work with the other side to keep the process as efficient as possible.

If you are facing a divorce or any other family law issue such as child custody, child support, spousal support, division of  assets, among others, contact our Monmouth County divorce attorneys today to schedule a free case evaluation and discuss your case.

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We’ve helped thousands of families through all types of family law matters.

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The Law Office Of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC - 157 Broad St Ste. 111, Red Bank, NJ 07701

“The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC was spot-on in every step in this process. I chose Jennifer McCaskill as my attorney after I was served with divorce papers. She immediately took away much of the anxiety that comes with this process. Her explanations of the law and predicted outcome were spot-on through the entire ordeal. I have and will continue to recommend Jennifer McCaskill.”

Greg ★★★★★

“Great Attorney! Get’s the job done! Jennifer McCaskill was everything I needed. She was a calming presence during a difficult alimony issue. She is prompt, tough and fair. She did exactly what she said she would and achieved the results I expected. I couldn’t be more happy. I am very thankful for being referred to her. I highly recommend Jennifer McCaskill!”

Ginevra ★★★★★

“Ms. Jennifer McCaskill is NJ’s best divorce attorney! Jennifer McCaskill provided the best solution during the divorce and mediation process and provided me with peace of mind while I was moving forward to this new stage of my life. I could not have chosen someone better to help me in my life changing situation. I am extremely grateful to her for her solid advise and for allowing me to see the other side of her determined advocacy role… her kind heart! I owe her a debt of gratitude for allowing me to enjoy freedom in a timely fashion.”

Edna ★★★★★

“Listened to 95% of what Jennifer McCaskill said, only wish I had listened to 100% I cannot honestly say enough positive things about Jenn, when you are a mom, going thru a divorce, you are only thinking about your kids. If Jenn had not been there thinking about me and my future and how it related to my taking care of my children, I would be in a horrible place. Not only was Jenn an amazing lawyer and fought for me – for us- like a shark, but she was an incredible person, who always listened, and always got back to me, never left me feeling alone. I am where I am today, because of her. My kids are fine and happy, just like she said they would be. I recommend Jennifer McCaskill to everyone.”

Lisa ★★★★★
Michaila Lee
Michaila Lee
The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill is an amazing law office. My divorce lawyer, Cadence Hulme, personally guided me to the end of my divorce. The office staff is friendly and ready to assist you with any questions/problems. While a divorce can seem daunting and overwhelming, Cadence made sure that I was fully knowledgeable every step of the way. When I lacked confidence or was worried, she made sure that was corrected. I would recommend this office to anyone struggling with the intricacies of divorce. You are more than just a client, you are heard, respected, and made fully aware of all procedures.
Peter Macris
Peter Macris
On the 1st consultation I was given great advice that saved me a lot of trouble right away. I may not have agreed with many things (I doubt anyone does with their divorce). Now that it's complete. I'm happy and satisfied. Thank you!
sam marcus
sam marcus
No one ever wants to go through a divorce, but if you are faced with that obstacle, look no further than Jennifer and her firm! I originally had Seth as my lawyer who made me feel comfortable and at ease. When he left the firm, Cadence became my lawyer and let me tell you, she is something out of left field! From start to finish Cadence was beyond fantastic!!! Lots of open communication, answered anything I needed within 48 hours (unless it was the weekend), and actually cared about how I was doing. From the moment I sat in their office I knew they were going to represent me. Jennifer, Cadence and anyone at the firm are the best of the best! Don't get it twisted though, for caring lawyers, they are cut throat! Do not play around with these women, they are about their business!!!! Thank you again Cadence and Jennifer. You will ALWAYS be high recommended!!!
Teresa Dudley
Teresa Dudley
Julie worked on my case. She kept me informed every single step of the way. She was knowledgeable in every way answering what I felt were silly questions but she reassured me through the entire process that we'd get there. I never felt more comfortable entering the toughest part of my life yet she made it feel like I wasn't going through it alone. I couldn't appreciate Julie enough for help and confidence she gave. I am forever grateful.
Kevin Dorco
Kevin Dorco
Apologies for the late review! Jennifer's office was exceptional with my situation. Cadence primarily worked with me during my divorce. I'm happily living my life with split custody of my two boys. Cadence fought for what was fair and just for my specific situation. I highly recommend The Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill for any legal advice and support.
Renee Milbrad
Renee Milbrad
Cadence was my attorney and I couldn't be happier with her knowledge and transparency while navigating me through this difficult process. The advice and guidance that I received was always in line with what I initially wanted to accomplish while keeping me sane. She took and made time to speak to me around my schedule and understood what my priorities were. Highly recommend.
Matthew Berdel
Matthew Berdel
First let me say the experience was 5 plus stars. Super professional and always there for you when you needed them. Very responsive and listened to everything you said. You weren’t just a client. They treated you like family. Cadence did an impressive job. I recommend the firm and Cadence highly. I can’t thank you enough

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Award-winning divorce lawyers in Red Bank

Over 20 Years Helping Families Achieve Positive Outcomes

Central Jersey Family and Divorce Law Firm

Are you considering a divorce in New Jersey? Are you concerned about child custody, property division, or other family law issues? The Monmouth County divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC are here to help you. We have over 20 years of experience in family law. We’ve helped thousands of clients achieve positive outcomes in their divorce and family law cases.

Our clients are like family to us. When you hire us, we make it our business to protect your best interests — and your future. You don’t have to get through this alone. We take great pride in offering knowledgeable, compassionate and aggressive legal services.

Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case. Our legal team is here for you and your family.

Family Law Cases We Cover

We Handle All Family Law Matters in New Jersey

At The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, we know that family issues can be complex and wide-ranging. That’s why we handle all types of family law cases in Central Jersey.

We specialize in divorce, child custody, child support and supousal support cases, and we cover other types of family law matters including:

When you hire us, you’ll benefit from an award-winning team with twenty years of legal experience. We have represented thousands of clients — and we’ve seen it all. You can trust we know what approaches and strategies to use in your case to get a favorable outcome.

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Divorce Lawyers in Red Bank, NJ

Why Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney From The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC?

Poor representation during a divorce or family law case can create long-term financial and emotional problems. You may not get the property division or spousal support award you had hoped for, leaving you with less assets than you deserve. Or, you may get an unfair child custody and visitation arrangement that leaves you less time with your children.

The skilled attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC have twenty years of family law experience. We know how to set you up for success in your case. We will protect your rights and interests throughout the course of your case. We’ll help you identify and calculate the value of all property subject to division. We’ll explain your options for pursuing spousal support, child custody, and child support. And we will leverage our skills and resources to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Our divorce attorneys offer compassionate guidance and aggressive legal representation in these difficult times. Contact us if you’re facing a divorce or other family law challenge.

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We Don’t Shy Away From Hard Cases

The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC has extensive experience with complicated divorce cases, including high-asset divorces. We never shy away from tough cases. We have the skills, experience, and resources to go up against the toughest opposing counsel.


We Treat You Like Family

We treat our clients like family. We believe that’s what it takes to help our clients navigate tough family law matters. We’ll stand by your side throughout your case and make sure you know how much we care about you.


We Are Compassionate Yet Fierce

It’s extremely important to have a compassionate attorney during your divorce or family law case. After all, this may be one of the most emotional times of your life. Our law firm understands what you are going through; we strive to offer compassionate representation that makes you feel seen and heard. While we’ll show compassion towards you, you can expect us to be fierce toward the other side.


We’ll Put Extensive Resources Behind Your Case

In our twenty years of practice, we’ve built relationships with top professionals in many fields, including therapists, financial advisors, law enforcement, accountants, and medical professionals. We’ll use these relationships, as well as other top resources, to strengthen your case and get you the result you deserve.

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