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Divorce Is Tough – Don’t Go Through it Alone

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Even when the end of a marriage is amicable, divorce is often a highly-emotional, stressful, and expensive process. This is particularly true of divorces involving children or significant assets. Regardless of the circumstances of the split, both spouses’ lives are going to be different post-divorce. Adjusting to those differences and moving forward with one’s life can be challenging. 

At the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, our compassionate, knowledgeable Red Bank divorce lawyers understand the emotional complexities of divorce. In addition to care and comfort, we will provide you with exemplary legal representation at an affordable rate.  

Divorce is rarely easy, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With skilled legal counsel, you can ensure that your rights, best interests, and assets are protected. Let the experienced divorce and family lawyers at the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill help you navigate this complex process in the most economical, least painful manner possible. Contact us at 732-747-1882 for a confidential consultation about your case.  

Our Red Bank Divorce and Family Law Services  

At our Red Bank law office, we help clients with every aspect of the divorce process.

Most of our divorce cases include one or more of the following matters: 

Divorce Mediation 

Divorce mediation is often the best course of action when both spouses agree about major issues, such as the division of property and child custody. This pre-trial resolution is typically more cost-effective, quicker, and less stressful than going to court. 

Divorce Litigation  

When couples, including unmarried and same-sex couples, decide to end their relationship, disputes over finances and child custody or support may escalate to the point of needing litigation. When conflicts cannot be resolved through mediation or other pre-trial alternatives, litigation may be the only solution. A Red Bank divorce attorney can help you determine how to proceed. 


 Also known as spousal support, alimony is a form of financial support that may be paid by the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse. Alimony is only awarded when the divorce would seriously and negatively impact the lesser-earning spouse’s standard of living. The amount and duration of alimony will be determined by the court based on multiple factors, including the length of marriage and the payor’s income.   

Child Support 

In NJ, children have a legal right to be supported by both parents. When parents divorce or separate, it is common for one parent to pay child support to the other. The payor is usually the higher-income earner and/or the parent who has the lesser share of custody. A Red Bank family lawyer can help you ensure that your family’s child support arrangement is fair.   

Child Custody 

Generally speaking, it is in the best interest of children to spend time with both parents. As such, it is rare for one parent to be prevented from having at least-partial custody or visitation of their child after divorce. Child custody arrangements can range from shared 50/50 arrangements to every other weekend, to one parent having sole custody and anything in between. The term custody refers to both physical (where the child lives) and legal (who makes decisions about important issues, such as education and medical care) custody.   

Division of Assets 

Whether you and your spouse have acquired significant marital assets, or the only joint asset is your family home, dividing this property equitably doesn’t necessarily mean a 50/50 split. Calculations are not based on financial contribution alone; non-financial contributions, such as those of a stay-at-home parent, are also taken into account. Marital property may include bank accounts, investments and retirement accounts, real estate, vehicles, and even a jointly-owned business.

Post Judgement Matters 

 Sometimes divorce judgements need to be modified due to changes in one or both spouse’s life circumstances. For example, if one party becomes disabled or remarries, or when a child goes to college, the court may order a post judgement modification in child or spousal support, or child custody arrangements after a divorce settlement.    

High Net Worth Divorce 

 Divorce in and of itself is no easy feat, but when a couple is dealing with a high asset divorce, further complexities can arise. During these types of cases, it’s important for individuals to understand the assets at stake and locate the proper documents related to them. Red Bank residents with considerable wealth know the importance of professional help when it comes to managing and protecting assets, and during a divorce, this guidance becomes even more invaluable. 

How Our Red Bank Family Lawyers Help You With Your Changing Family Structure  

Even if the dissolution of your marriage seems straightforward and friendly, issues can arise. When this occurs, having an experienced family lawyer by your side can save you significantly in time, stress, and dollars. Your lawyer will evaluate your case to determine the most appropriate legal strategy for moving forward and ensure that your rights and best interests are protected the entire time.   

Your divorce attorney will likely attempt to resolve the divorce through mediation and settlement. Typically, it is our goal to settle through a “four way” settlement conference, which involves both parties and their attorneys. This is generally much less emotionally charged and expensive than trial. If, however, there is still disagreement on major issues after these pre-trial resolutions have been attempted, you may need to go to court. A good divorce lawyer will advocate for your best interests in court, and upon the conclusion of the trial, the Final Judgment of Divorce will be issued.  

Time For a New Beginning – Contact Our Red Bank Divorce Lawyer Today 

Whether you are just considering divorce or midway through the process, it is in your best interest to seek immediate legal counsel from a Red Bank family lawyer. The skilled divorce team at the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill can help. We have protected the rights of countless individuals and families, helping them to navigate this process in the quickest, most economical, and least painful way possible. Our compassionate, knowledgeable legal team will ensure that you fully understand your rights and options, and we’ll remain by your side from start to finish. Contact the Red Bank divorce and family lawyers at the Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill today at (732) 747-1882 for a confidential consultation about your case.  

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