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Helping You Adapt To A Changing Family Structure

The experience of divorce is not one that people want to relive. It can be traumatic, numbing, overwhelming. It can cause hurt, anger and, sometimes, relief. Regardless, your life will be different going forward. When you decide to take this step due to reasons that may include irreconcilable differences, your safety and the safety of your children, you need the skills of an experienced and understanding family law attorney.

The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, in Red Bank, New Jersey, has the compassion and skills to guide you. As a child of divorce, Ms. McCaskill understands what you are experiencing. Not only will she and her team provide you with care and comfort, but also honest and knowledgeable answers. She will aggressively advocate for you in all matters related to divorce from child custody and division of property to post-divorce modifications.

Listening, Answering, Explaining And Understanding

Ms. McCaskill has practiced law for over 15 years. Her personal experiences with divorce inspired her to become a lawyer and help people going through difficult family law situations. Her abilities have been recognized by her peers as she has made the Super Lawyers list for the past three years.

She can answer your questions on all divorce matters, including:

  • Child support and child custody cases, including custody matters dealing with special needs children
  • Child relocation and removal
  • Division of assets, including property, investments and retirement accounts
  • Business valuation when dividing a jointly owned business
  • Domestic violence issues and enforcement of protection orders
  • Third-party custody dealings and grandparents’ rights
  • The rights of unmarried couples
  • Post-divorce modification and changes to the divorce settlement

With a passion to help people, Ms. McCaskill and her team provide caring, understanding and easy-to-understand explanations about the divorce process and its many details.

Time For A New Beginning

A divorce can shatter your life and bring uncertainty, but it also can lead to new beginnings. Contact us online for a consultation or call us at 732-852-7418.