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Tinton Falls Divorce Lawyer

Tinton Falls Divorce Lawyer

Are you considering a divorce in Tinton Falls, New Jersey? If so, don’t trust your family and your future to an inexperienced attorney. Our legal team provides compassionate, aggressive, and trusted divorce representation. 

With over 20 years of experience working in family law, our Tinton Falls divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC can handle the most complex divorce cases. Attorney Jennifer McCaskill is a trained and accomplished family mediator. She serves as a panelist for the Monmouth County Early Settlement Program.

We’ll work to protect your financial interests, parental rights, and the best interests of your children. We’ll use our considerable resources to pursue a strategy that gives you the best chance of receiving your desired outcome.

Contact The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC to schedule a free consultation with a Tinton Falls divorce attorney. Your consultation is confidential and private. You are not under any obligation to hire our lawyers after your consultation or call (732) 747-1882.

How The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC Can Help You Resolve Your Family Dispute in Tinton Falls, NJ

How The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC Can Help You Resolve Your Family Dispute in Tinton Falls, NJ

We understand that you are experiencing a challenging and emotional time in your life. Your family may be in crisis, and it can be difficult to know where to turn. At The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, our Tinton Falls family lawyers recognize what you are going through and will strive to provide the support you need. 

Our award-winning attorney has received numerous honors and recognition for her legal skills and commitment to our clients. Rising Stars, Avvo, and Super Lawyers have given her top ratings. We have helped thousands of families when they needed trusted legal counsel and support. 

When you hire our Tinton Falls family law attorneys, you can trust we will do everything necessary to provide you with effective legal counsel; we will:

  • Ensure we understand the situation by listening to you
  • Assist you in identifying your goals for the divorce
  • Prepare and file all documents necessary for the divorce action
  • Investigate allegations of abuse, domestic violence, concealed assets, and other wrongful conduct by your spouse
  • Gather evidence to support your allegations, including working with leading experts when necessary
  • Be a fierce advocate for the best interests of your children 
  • Provide updates regarding the status of your case
  • Aggressively negotiate a fair divorce settlement
  • Proceed with a contested divorce if we cannot reach a fair settlement

We are passionate about family law and being proactive for our clients. Our Tinton Falls divorce lawyers think out of the box and use strategic, inventive solutions to achieve your objectives and goals. 

Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced divorce lawyer in Tinton Falls, NJ. Click here to learn more about divorce FAQ.

Types of Family Law Matters We Handle in Tinton Falls, NJ

With a divorce action comes numerous related issues to resolve, including division of debt, property division, alimony, child custody, and child support. Our legal team will diligently work to resolve all matters in your best interest. When necessary, we’ll devote our considerable resources to investigate hidden assets, concealed income, and marital wrongdoing that could impact the outcome of your divorce case. 

Primary practice areas for our Tinton Falls family law attorneys include:

Divorce Litigation

Divorce is the legal process for the dissolution of marriages in New Jersey. In many of the divorce cases we handle, the couples agree on a divorce settlement agreement through private negotiations and mediation. However, our Tinton Falls divorce lawyers are skilled trial litigators who do not hesitate to go to court when we need to resolve disputed issues.

Child Custody

Parents begin child custody cases as equals, even though one parent typically serves as the custodial parent to provide continuity and stability for the children. The court does not presume which parent is more suitable. 

Our Tinton Falls child custody lawyers will work with you to develop a parenting plan and visitation schedule that ensures both parents can remain active in their children’s lives. If custody is disputed, judges decide based on the child’s best interest. 

Child Support

Parents must continue to support their children financially even if they get divorced or separated from their spouse or partner. New Jersey has standard child support guidelines that determine the amount of the child support obligation and payments. Our Tinton Falls child support lawyers will work to ensure that the unique circumstances of your case are considered when determining child support payments

Spousal Support

New Jersey divorce laws do not guarantee alimony. However, judges have the discretion to award spousal support when there is a need for financial support and the ability to pay alimony. The court considers numerous factors when determining the duration and amount of alimony payments. 

Property Division

New Jersey applies the principle of equitable distribution for dividing assets in a divorce action. Equitable distribution could be a 50-50 split. However, judges can choose a different means for dividing marital assets based on the facts of the case. 

Domestic Violence

Courts in New Jersey take allegations of domestic violence very seriously. We understand that leaving an abusive partner can be challenging. Our divorce lawyers in Tinton Falls will help you develop a plan to get away from an abusive spouse that provides safety and protection for you and your children.

Divorce Mediation

Contested divorces can be costly and time-consuming. Our Tinton Falls divorce attorneys use mediation to resolve disputes in a divorce case. 

Attorney Jennifer J. McCaskill is highly skilled as a mediator. We will guide you through the process of mediation to resolve disputes while ensuring your best interests are protected.

Post-Judgment Modifications

Changes in circumstances and major life events could require that you modify child custody or support obligations. We will help you petition the court for a post-judgment modification. We’ll gather evidence and present a compelling argument that the change of circumstances justifies the modification. 

Other Divorce Situations and Circumstances

Our Tinton Falls divorce lawyers are prepared to handle all family law and divorce matters. Our attorneys have experience handling cases involving gray divorces, LGBTQA+ divorces, military divorces, and high-asset divorces. We can also assist you with child relation petitions.

Do you need an experienced divorce attorney in Tinton Falls, NJ? Call now for a free consultation to discuss your situation with an attorney and learn how we can help you.

How Long Will My Divorce Case Take in Tinton Falls, NJ?

Each divorce case is different. Uncontested divorces do not take as long to resolve as disputed divorces. However, there are still steps that you must go through to obtain a divorce in Tinton Falls, NJ. 

Finalizing a divorce in Tinton Falls typically takes about ten to 12 months. The willingness of the parties to mediate or negotiate a divorce settlement can avoid delays. However, complicated issues can slow down the process, including allegations of child abuse or domestic violence, high-net-worth couples, military divorces, child relocation, and disputes related to marital agreements.

Our legal team at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC understands your frustration when a divorce case stalls or does not move as fast as you believe it should. We are committed to finalizing your divorce as quickly as possible without risking your desired outcome.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Tinton Falls, NJ?

Some couples stay together because they do not believe they can afford a divorce. They might be under the mistaken impression that all divorce lawyers in Tinton Falls charge extremely high hourly rates for divorce services.

Contested and complex divorce cases usually have higher fees than uncontested divorces. The reason is that more is involved in complicated or contested divorce cases. You have costs you would not have in an uncontested divorce, such as the expense of investigation, discovery, and preparing for trial. 

At The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, we understand it can be difficult to pay expensive legal costs for a divorce while struggling to transition to make it on your own. Our attorneys offer free, confidential consultations so you can meet with a lawyer to learn about the divorce process and discuss your alternatives. 

After we understand more about your situation and what you need, we can discuss legal fees and costs. We will help you manage the costs of your divorce to help make it more affordable.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Tinton Falls Divorce Lawyer

Legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney is invaluable when you are contemplating a divorce or have another family law matter to resolve. Our Tinton Falls divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC are dedicated, passionate, and trusted legal professionals. We put our clients’ interests first in all situations. 

We strive to make the divorce process in New Jersey as stress-free and simple as possible. We will work with you to ensure you are treated fairly.

Call our law firm to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation with an experienced Tinton Falls divorce lawyer. We are here when you need answers or guidance about how to proceed with a divorce.

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