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Can I Sue My Spouse for Defamation During a Divorce in Monmouth County?

Someone defames you when they damage your reputation by spreading lies about you. That could devastate your reputation. Imagine the damage to your reputation and your career, for example, if you are a schoolteacher falsely accused of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, defamatory claims are particularly likely to arise in a contentious divorce, especially when child custody […]


7 Signs It Is Time For a Divorce

Marriage is a commitment like no other, and the decision to dissolve this union should never be taken lightly. However, recognizing when your relationship may be broken and unsalvageable can save both parties from prolonged grief and open the doors to a quicker healing process.  If you are considering whether it is time to divorce […]


5 Essential Strategies When Facing False Accusations in Court in Monmouth County, NJ

Navigating the legal system in Monmouth County, New Jersey, can be daunting. This is especially true when faced with false accusations in court. Understanding how to handle these situations effectively is crucial. This is because the implications can be severe and far-reaching. It is important to know and protect your legal rights.  When false accusations […]


Can I Stop a Divorce in Monmouth County If the Paperwork Has Already Been Filed?

Divorce is the final ending of a marriage. At the end of a divorce case, the court orders property to be divided a certain way, decides who will have custody of the couple’s children, determines how much support must be paid, and restores the spouse’s former last name, if requested.  The process of divorce can […]


Difference Between Lawyer and Attorney 

While often used interchangeably, there is a difference between a lawyer and an attorney. Both attorneys and lawyers are legal professionals that graduated from law school. However, attorneys and lawyers often have different roles, responsibilities, and tasks that they are permitted to perform.  The following are common fields of law that attorneys and lawyers may […]


Divorce, Dissolution, and Legal Separation – What’s the Difference?

A dissolution of marriage is the legal process through which a marriage is terminated, generally referring to a “no-fault” divorce. In New Jersey, divorce is sometimes referred to as “dissolution.”  Therefore, there is no difference between divorce and dissolution in New Jersey. Both terms refer to the legal end of a marriage.  Unlike other states, […]


How Long Does a Divorce Take in Monmouth County, NJ?

The process of deciding to end a marriage might take months or years. However, when someone decides to divorce their partner, they typically want to move quickly. The circumstances of your case and New Jersey divorce laws impact the timeline for getting a divorce in Monmouth County.  How Quickly Can I Get Divorced in Monmouth […]

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