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Limitations on Spousal Privilege

Spousal privilege, also known as marital privilege, prevents spouses or partners in a civil union from divulging confidential communications between them. New Jersey has codified spousal privilege in Rule 509 of the New Jersey Rules of Evidence and 2A:84-22 of the New Jersey Code. Spousal privilege is not absolute, however—it has limitations. Legal Gray Area […]


Does Your Marriage Qualify for an Annulment in New Jersey?

Most couples end their marriage in New Jersey by filing for divorce, known as the dissolution of marriage. However, state law provides for an annulment in some situations.  An annulment is the legal process of voiding a marriage so that it never legally occurred. In this blog, we’ll discuss whether your marriage qualifies for an […]


Is There Common Law Marriage in New Jersey?

New Jersey is not among the few states that recognize common law marriage. Therefore, unwed couples do not share the same rights as married couples. However, domestic partners could be entitled to palimony and other rights in some situations.  What Is Common Law Marriage? Common law marriage is a marriage formed without a marriage license […]

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