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River Plaza Divorce Lawyer

River Plaza Divorce Lawyer - 157 Broad St #111, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Going through a divorce in River Plaza, Monmouth County, NJ, is undoubtedly stressful, filled with strong emotions and potential complications. Regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, it’s essential to have professional legal support by your side. Aside from providing much-needed emotional perspective during these times, our River Plaza divorce attorneys will help protect your rights and interests. 

For help with a divorce in River Plaza, Monmouth County, New Jersey, contact The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, by calling at (732) 747-1882 to schedule a free consultation with a River Plaza divorce lawyer.

How Our River Plaza Divorce Attorneys Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter

How Our River Plaza Divorce Attorneys Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter

Facing a family law issue, such as divorce in River Plaza in Monmouth County, NJ, can be an emotionally challenging time, fraught with uncertainties and complex legal procedures. Fortunately, you never have to handle this situation alone. 

Here’s how our River Plazs family law attorneys can help you: 

  • Our attorneys can assist with the preparation, filing, and management of all essential legal documents involved in your case.
  • Our team is experienced in negotiating fair settlements that accurately represent each party’s needs and rights. 
  • If you have children, one of the greatest priorities during a divorce proceeding is often addressing what will be best for your children. We’ll strive to help establish child custody and visitation agreements that are beneficial for all parties involved. 
  • Our team can assist in facilitating mediation – a less adversarial, more collaborative process that aims to resolve disagreements out of court constructively.

If you need help with divorce proceedings in River Plaza, Monmouth County, New Jersey, we’re here for you. Contact The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, to schedule a free consultation with a River Plaza divorce lawyer. 

The History of the River Plaza in Monmouth County, NJ

River Plaza, New Jersey, is a picturesque community nestled along the scenic banks of the Raritan River. This quaint town boasts a blend of historical charm and modern amenities that attract both residents and visitors. Dating back to the 18th century, River Plaza has managed to retain its vintage allure while evolving into a vibrant hub featuring an array of shops, restaurants, and local businesses.

Whether you want to walk along the river or browse through unique shops and enjoy local cuisine, River Plaza offers an array of experiences catering to various tastes and interests.

Points of interest in or near Fairview include:

Our Family and Divorce Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas 

Navigating the complex terrain of family law requires in-depth knowledge and understanding across many different areas, which is precisely what our firm offers. The following are some of the areas that we specialize in:


Involving both contested and uncontested divorces, we provide guidance through each stage – from filing to negotiating terms. We aim to ensure a smooth and amicable process while simultaneously protecting your interests across the board.

Child Custody

We help negotiate, establish, and enforce arrangements for child custody that prioritize the best interests of your children. We do this while keeping in mind fairness to the rights and wishes of both parents.

Child Support

We ensure judicious outcomes when it comes to determining who pays for what with regard to child support costs. Child support laws are complex, and our experienced lawyers can navigate them on your behalf – whether you’re the paying or receiving parent.

Judgment Modification

Life circumstances often change post-divorce. Should you find yourself needing to pursue modifications to original court orders – whether it’s child support, custody, spousal maintenance or something else – we have the experience needed to navigate this complex process on your behalf. 

Property Division

Regardless of how straightforward a marital estate might seem to be, dividing assets is usually challenging in a divorce setting. We excel at conducting fair and equitable property divisions while considering all legal aspects.

Whatever you need assistance with, our dedicated team of legal professionals is here to help and fight for a fair resolution in these challenging circumstances.

How Do I Seek A Divorce in Monmouth County?

To begin the divorce process in Monmouth County, either you or your spouse must meet New Jersey’s strict residency criteria. Specifically, the law generally mandates that at least one partner has been a state resident for no less than 12 months immediately preceding the filing date. This requirement establishes jurisdiction, ensuring that New Jersey courts have authority over matters arising from your petition.

To seek a divorce in Monmouth County, New Jersey, you’ll also need to decide on what grounds your divorce will be filed since the state recognizes both fault and no-fault grounds.

Fault-Based Grounds

For fault-based divorces, reasons can include extreme cruelty, drug or alcohol addiction, deviant sexual behavior, or adultery, among others. This means that if these conditions apply to your situation, you can immediately file for divorce without needing a period of separation.

No-Fault Grounds

On the other hand, you can file for divorce based on no-fault grounds – separation or irreconcilable differences. If opting to file based on separation, you and your spouse must have lived apart for at least 18 months before filing under this ground, demonstrating a clear physical separation with no cohabitation. 

Irreconcilable differences require that such differences have been present for at least six months, making it appear that the marriage should be dissolved.

In either scenario outlined above – fault or no fault – understanding your specific circumstances and choosing the ground that best fits your situation is crucial.

How Will My Property Be Divided in a Divorce in New Jersey?

When facing a divorce in New Jersey, understanding how property will be divided is crucial. New Jersey, being an equitable distribution state, means the courts will split all marital property equitably, not necessarily evenly. 

Marital property typically encompasses assets and debts accumulated by either or both spouses from the moment of marriage up to the date when divorce proceedings are initiated.

In an equitable distribution framework, courts look at a variety of factors to determine what constitutes a fair division of marital property. This means that while the split may not be exactly 50-50, it should reflect consideration of the spouse’s specific circumstances. Crucial factors to consider include each spouse’s financial contribution to the marriage, their future economic circumstances post-divorce, the duration of the marriage, and any agreements.  

Who Will Get Custody of Our Children After the Divorce?

In matters of child custody following a divorce, the court’s primary concern always centers around securing what is best for the children involved. In New Jersey, neither parent has an automatic right to custody based on their gender. Instead, mothers and fathers stand on equal footing when it comes to negotiating or determining custody arrangements for their children.

What Does Best Interests of The Child Mean?  

This standard involves considering various factors that are vital for the child’s well-being, safety, health, and happiness. These considerations can include the emotional bonds between each parent and the child, each parent’s ability to provide stable, loving care and a safe household, and educational opportunities, among others.

The overarching goal is to ensure that any custody arrangement fosters a nurturing environment where children can thrive. 

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When dealing with the complexities of divorce, experienced legal guidance is essential. Connect with a skilled River Plaza divorce attorney and embark on this process with reliable advice tailored to your circumstances. Contact The Law Office of Jennifer J. McCaskill, LLC, to discuss your River Plaza, Monmouth County, NJ, divorce.

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